Angel Dumott Schunard is one of the main characters in RENT. She is based on the character Schaunard in La Bohéme.

Angel is a young street performer and drag queen, who becomes Tom Collins' love interest. The two meet after Collins is mugged, and Angel takes him home. The two grow close over the course of the musical, and Angel buys Collins a new coat. Like Collins, Angel has AIDS, and attends the local Life Support group. Angel eventually dies from AIDS around the same time as Halloween, her favourite time of year.

Angel is close friends with several characters, including Mark, Roger, Joanne, and Maureen. In the 2005 film, Angel appears to be good friends with Mimi, implying that the two knew each other before Angel met Collins.


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Act I

You Okay Honey?,

Today 4 U,

You'll See,

Life Support (movie),

Another Day (movie),

Will I? (movie),

Santa Fe,

I'll Cover You,

La Vie Boheme,

La Vie Boheme B,

Act II

Seasons Of Love,

Happy New Year,

Happy New Year B,

Seasons Of Love B,



Notable actors who have played the role of Angel include:

Angel's Identity DebateEdit

As long as the show has been playing, there has been much debate on Angel and the gender identity of the character. The fandom has generally taken three different sides: Drag Queen, Trans Woman, or Genderfluid.

Generally, throughout the show, Angel presents feminine and goes by she, although she describes herself as a boy at one point in the show. The other characters use a mix of he and she throughout the musical.

There is no doubt that Larson originally intended her to be a drag queen, as is stated in the original production of Rent. However, terminology involving gender non-conforming individuals was limited at the time the musical was written.

Later productions have contributed to the debate further. The casting of MJ Rodriguez as Angel signified the first transgender performer for the character, although she did not come out until after the performances. In the live Fox performance, non-binary and genderfluid drag performer Valentina played the character. Also in the same musical, most of the references to male pronouns were removed, leaning less to drag queen in the specific performance.

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